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Now with this HD Virtual Tour we invite you and welcome you in our Center. No mater how far you are, or how big was your wish to visit our Center, we came to you.

You can see our School classrooms, our Lab, gymnasium and other School spaces. You can see our main Masjid, ablution area as well as our Center at 72nd Riverside Avenue.

Don't forget that no mater how far are you or how close you are, you can always contribute to the center by your generous donations, which make our work more successful and help us become more up to date in all fields. Go to DONATE page and donate as much as you can.

Photos are always moments and sequences we see in in our clip of our eyes. As such we will try to capture best moments and sequences and show them in our website.

If you happened to have any beautiful picture and want to share it with us, please e-mail it to us at "" (it's just a sample).

Don't forget, click on the SHOW PHOTO ALBUMS button in the bottom on the right of the photo thumbnails to see other Photo Albums we have for you.

Enjoy and please write any comments or anything you would like to share with us.

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